Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Beer - 1/27

Lots of stuff this week.

Caldera IPA - 6.1% - $11.99 /6 pack
- A beast. Truly Northwest style IPA. Piney and resinous as all can be. Jsut enough malt backbone to make it outstanding. Best comes in a can! Rockin beer.

Caldera Pale - 5.5% - $11.99 / 6 pack
- Another very hoppy interpretation of a classic style. Very well pulled off. Good body and Cascade hops for a pleasing brew. Also in a can for pure goodness.

Caldera Amber - 5.6% - $11.99 / 6 pack
- My first thought was "This is Terrapin's Big Hoppy Monster's little brother"...quite a comparison. By far one of the bet ambers I have ever had. Malty and dry with just enough hop presence to make you glad you drink beer.

Bards Gold Gluten Free - 4.6% - $8.99 / 6 pack
- I have a hard time with this style, but this one is way better than any other of the style I have yet to try. I'm just glad to have something celiac sufferers can drink with joy.

Harpoon Celtic Ale - 5.4% - $8.99 / 6 pack
- A sessionable Irish red ale...just in time to warmed up for St. Patrick's day.

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