Monday, January 11, 2010

Picks Of The Week - 1/11/10

Belhaven Scottish Ale

Winter is the time for digging into the covers, watching useless movies, and wishing for summer. A good beer is always helpful in this pursuit. This warming, nutty, Scottish ale is one of the best winter brews in my book. Ratebeer - 96/100 $3.99/single

Stone Levitation Ale

The most sessionable beer...ever...seriously. Easy drinking and smooth. Perfect in every way. No, this beer will not make you the most respected hardcore drinker on the block, but who cares? Ratebeer - 96/100 $11.99/ six pack

Schlenkerla Weizen

Here is a toast to plain weird...even in the beer world. Smoked malt in a wheat beer. That takes stones...even for Germans. A truly unique offering that is as pleasing as it is strange. Ratebeer - 88/100 $4.49/single


Jeremy Meeks - Manager

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