Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Beer - 2/18

A few good things have come into the market with plenty more to come in the weeks a head as we begin to pull out of winter (I hope).

Genesee Bock - ABV ? - $9.99 / 12 pack
- I'm about ready, after a serious session with this beer, to name it the best sub $1 beer per can on the planet. I can only imagine how great this stuff will be while eating hot dogs...or anything that happens to come off a barbecue.

Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager - 5% - $6.99 / single
- I was sceptical. A black lager based on the cool premise that Rogue was growing almost everything that went into this beer. I frankly dont care how "local" something is if it sucks. This is local and awesome. A very, very, and I mean VERY roasty pitch black lager. I have never seen anything so dark outside of the realms of Russian Imperial Stouts. A great dark beer.

Yazoo Hop Project #26 - ABV ? - $6.99 / 4 pack
- Linus definitly put a few more hops in this one than the last. If you are a Pale or IPA fan it is worth checking out for sure. Big nose, good bitterness, but with a very big backbone.

New Belgium Mighty Arrow - 6% - $8.99 / 6 pack
- The favorite Spring seasonal is back. Winter is almost gone.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Picks of The Week - 2/15

This weather sucks....just saying. Beer is always good however.

Here are my picks of the week. From now on all picks of the week are on sale. You are welcome.

Sierra Nevada Stout - Unassuming, unpretentious, and an unexpectedly rediscovered piece of greatness. This beer is simple...a tribute to roasted barley in all its chocolaty, smokey, slightly biting goodness. Not to thick, not to thin, and definitely not to sweet. This one is a perennial pleaser. Ratebeer - 91/100 - 7.99 / 6 pack

Rogue Chocolate Stout - Another stout? Absolutely. Chocolate is all over this beer. The roasted barley and hop balance keeps it from being cloyingly sweet, but this is a desert beer to dream about. Ratebeer - 99/100 - $6.29 / Single

Harp Lager - One of the best pale lagers on the planet? Yes. Affordable? Absolutely. Makes you dream of getting back on that riding lawnmower? Totally. Ratebeer - 97/100 - $8.49 / 6 pack

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Beer - 2/11

Not much going on this week, but some pure insanity in the near future. New breweries coming on line and New Belgium and Brooklyn high gravity to be released in the next few weeks...good time to be a beer drinker in Nashville.

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager - 4.2% - $7.99 / 6 pack
- One of the biggest sellers last year...the distributor upped their game this year and ordered almost double. It came in early as a surprise.

Also, don't forget that February 20th @1 PM is our big all grain brewing demo here. We'll be making a massive double IPA. As always the event is free. All brewing equipment and ingredients will also be 10% off.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beer News - 2/9

Some new stuff as well as a few sales.

Yazoo Pleasure Chest - $14.99 / 12 pack
- Yazoo's first variety pack is a good one. Why? Sly Rye Porter is in it! First time in bottles. It is going to be the only way to get it in bottles for the foreseeable future as well. PAle, Dos Perros, and the Hefe are also included.

Abita stuff - Everything has been marked down to $7.99 to celebrate Marti Gras. Get it while it lasts.

Boulevard 6th Glass - 10.5% - Was $9.99 Now $7.99 / 750 Ml bottle

Keyte Blond Triple Ale - 9.2% - Was $9.49 Now $7.99 / 750 Ml bottle

Wittoen Amber Ale - 7% - Was $9.49 Now $7.99 / 750 Ml bottle