Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Beer - 2/18

A few good things have come into the market with plenty more to come in the weeks a head as we begin to pull out of winter (I hope).

Genesee Bock - ABV ? - $9.99 / 12 pack
- I'm about ready, after a serious session with this beer, to name it the best sub $1 beer per can on the planet. I can only imagine how great this stuff will be while eating hot dogs...or anything that happens to come off a barbecue.

Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager - 5% - $6.99 / single
- I was sceptical. A black lager based on the cool premise that Rogue was growing almost everything that went into this beer. I frankly dont care how "local" something is if it sucks. This is local and awesome. A very, very, and I mean VERY roasty pitch black lager. I have never seen anything so dark outside of the realms of Russian Imperial Stouts. A great dark beer.

Yazoo Hop Project #26 - ABV ? - $6.99 / 4 pack
- Linus definitly put a few more hops in this one than the last. If you are a Pale or IPA fan it is worth checking out for sure. Big nose, good bitterness, but with a very big backbone.

New Belgium Mighty Arrow - 6% - $8.99 / 6 pack
- The favorite Spring seasonal is back. Winter is almost gone.

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