Monday, February 15, 2010

Picks of The Week - 2/15

This weather sucks....just saying. Beer is always good however.

Here are my picks of the week. From now on all picks of the week are on sale. You are welcome.

Sierra Nevada Stout - Unassuming, unpretentious, and an unexpectedly rediscovered piece of greatness. This beer is simple...a tribute to roasted barley in all its chocolaty, smokey, slightly biting goodness. Not to thick, not to thin, and definitely not to sweet. This one is a perennial pleaser. Ratebeer - 91/100 - 7.99 / 6 pack

Rogue Chocolate Stout - Another stout? Absolutely. Chocolate is all over this beer. The roasted barley and hop balance keeps it from being cloyingly sweet, but this is a desert beer to dream about. Ratebeer - 99/100 - $6.29 / Single

Harp Lager - One of the best pale lagers on the planet? Yes. Affordable? Absolutely. Makes you dream of getting back on that riding lawnmower? Totally. Ratebeer - 97/100 - $8.49 / 6 pack

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    'Tis sure I'll be wearing the green,

    When the calendar says March seventeen,

    I'll drink a few Harp,

    "Til my wits become sharp,

    Just try some, you'll know what I mean.